After completing a graphic art diploma at Natal Technicon in the 80’s, Karen spent the first years of her art career as a designer and illustrator for graphic design studios. In later years, however, her Increasing interest regarding the environment and the effects of the human population on the planet has propelled her art away from the commercial industry. While studying fine art at NMMU, she experimented with mixed media in an attempt to best express her passion and dedication to the current environmental issues. Her current artwork utilizes mixed media in an attempt to magnify the environmental “magic” we still have.

Karen’s artwork reflects the interconnectedness of all life forms on earth. Society’s refusal to deal with the waste it produces has not only resulted in its failure to protect the earth, but is also the cause of ecological devastation. As a result of the systematic destruction of basic life support systems, future generations will inherit hazardous chemical waste sites, massive erosion from over grazing, monumental waste dumps and the destruction of forests and arable land.

The artworks reference recognisable form as they are inspired by photographs Karen has taken while travelling. The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted. The intention is to cultivate a culture of respect and regard for the planet as an entity that augments and sustains life. Through combining printing and painting as mediums, Karen endeavors to create art which promotes the ‘beauty’ of the environment, thereby drawing attention to what we still have and what we stand to lose.